28 MARCH, 2017

10 small kitchen tips

Kitchen, one of the favorite rooms of the house! The most important events take place there – family gathers, sits after a busy day to enjoy dinner, contemplates, makes decisions.

Food unites us! And, over time, either by experience or by knowledge passed on from previous generations, we become better cooks.

Horio has gathered ten secrets for the kitchen and cooking and wishes to share them. Let’s see them!


  1. Check freshness of eggs
    The easiest way to check eggs’ freshness, is to put them in water. Fresh ones sink, damaged ones float.
  2. Keep vegetables fresh for long
    Lay kitchen paper on the bottom of the refrigerator drawer, where you keep vegetables. Moisture will be absorbed and vegetables will keep their freshness longer.
  3. Lemons don’t get wasted
    If recipe requires just a few lemon drops, avoid slicing a whole lemon in half. Pierce with a straw instead and juice it from the hole created.
  4. Always fresh herbs
    Wash a handful of the herbs you wish to store in a food bag and freeze. When you need them, slice and use – they will defrost while cooking.
  5. Crunchy vegetables
    Restore the crunchiness of radishes, carrots and celery by putting them in a bowl with ice cold water, along with a raw potato.
  6. Cookies in different boxes
    Store soft and crunchy cookies in different boxes so that moisture from the soft ones won’t affect the crunchy ones.
  7. Bright yellow bananas
    Keep bananas from getting brown by not separating them before consuming.
  8. Softer meat
    Marinate meat at least in one of the following: beer, vinegar, tomato. They consist of enzymes that tenderize meat.
  9. More orange juice
    Before squeezing oranges, roll them back and forth on the kitchen counter – they will release more juice that way.
  10. Bread always fresh
    Avoid discarding stale bread. Slice it and freeze it instead – toast it whenever you feel like and enjoy it with butter and cheese.

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