Our people


Horio is made up of its people. Regardless of ones position within the company or their job description, there is always one common element that we all share, and that is passion; passion for creating good, traditional, Greek products.

From the individual who cares for the olive tree, to the person who collects milk and takes care of the animals, to the woman who oversees production and the man who carefully places the products into containers for distribution, they are all members of a large family, the Horio family.

The people of Horio stand for passion and love of the authentic, the traditional, the pure Greek product.

They stand for passion for values unadulterated by time.

What our people believe…in their own words:

We have developed the way we produce our products, with lots of love and care. The majority of us have spent more than half of our lifetimes with this company. We produce good products based on the idea that through this process we grow as well.” S. P., R&D Manager

Quality, tradition and products made with by Greek hands are all for which Horio stands. The company ethos made me love Horio, and I’ve been working here for 25 years, now. Thi sis the type of company we are.” G. K., Salesperson

Our work is full of liveliness, because so is the company, Horio. Horio has a clear vision for the future. The production of sustainable olive oil, in the location where it is produced, will give people jobs. Quality is reassured at every stage of production, from raw material until it finally reaches the consumer.” G. M., Salesperson

Horio’s company culture is governed by passion. Outside, in the market place, it is a constant battlefield. We are all giving fighting the same fight. If you don’t love what you do, it’s best that you don’t do it at all. We are one family.” G.M., Salesperson

I’ve been watching the sun rise and set for three years, waiting for the earth to be cleansed – to have the right to produce organic extra virgin olive oil.” M.T., Organic olive oil producer

Our livestock needs its freedom, just like we do. In organic ranching, we have to respect that, since this is the way to produce rich and delicious organic feta and goat cheese.” P.K., Organic milk producer