Turkey bites with citrus sauce
Mustard and wine, chicken stock and juice from mandarines, oranges, lemons mixed with turkey bites. An amazing recipe!
Turkey bites with citrus sauce


1,400 kg bite-sized turkey’s leg filet juice of 4 big mandarines juice of 5 oranges juice of 2 lemons 2 grated onions 2 finely chopped fresh onions 1 garlic clove 1 little cup of white wine 1 tsp mustard Some finely chopped thyme 1 ½ l chicken broth 80 ml Horio Sustainable Olive Oil


  1. In a big pot sauté the turkey.
  2. When golden brown, add onion, fresh onion, garlic and sauté. Add mustard and, after a few minutes, add the wine.
  3. Scratch the bottom of the pot and then pour the citrus juices (some peels could be optionally added).
  4. Add chicken broth and cook over medium/high heat for about 60 minutes.
  5. Once meat is ready add salt and pepper, thyme and serve with some buttery puree.