Kantaifi «nests» with kaimaki ice cream and sweet & sour cherries (vissino)
Kantaifi with ice cream and sweet & sour cherries


350 gr kantaifi 500 gr kaimaki ice cream 6 tblsp sweet & sour cherries (vissino) 4 tblsp Horio Cow Butter


  1. Spread out the kantaifi
  2. Separate into 6 long strips; Take each strip and wrap them so that they form a circle or, even better, a small nest
  3. Place each nest in a pan
  4. Heat the Horio butter until it melts
  5. With a brush, spread the butter onto the nests
  6. Bake in the over ata 180 degrees until they have a golden color
  7. Place a nest in each plate, at the center, place a scoop of ice cream and pour one tablespoon of sweet & sour cherries