Leg of lamb stuffed with liver
Αρνίσιο μπούτι γεμιστό από τον Ηλία Μαμαλάκη


1 leg of lamb (approximatley 1 ½ kl) 4 tblsp Horio Sheep Butterfat 150 gr lamb’s liver 5 sun dried tomatos 100 gr Horio feta cheese 2 garlic cloves 1 tsp oregano 4-5 rosemary sprigs salt, pepper 2-3 potatoes


When purchasing the leg of lamb from your butcher, you will ask that he/she removes the bone without cutting the leg all the way down the middle.

  1. in a frying pan pour 2 table spoons of water and 1 table spoon Horio Sheep Butterfat
  2. As soon as the mixture starts to simmer, you chop the liver into small pieces and add them and stir
  3. As soon as the water has evaporated you add salt and pepper, as well as, the oregano
  4. You allow it to cook for another 2 minutes and then place them in a bowl
  5. Chop the sundried tomastos, crumble the feta cheese, melt the garlic cloves and add them into the bowl with the liver
  6. Add more pepper and mix the stuffing well
  7. Spread the leg of lamb on a smooth surface, place as much stuffing as possible and fold over. Then tightly tie the ends and the middle with twine.
  8. In a pan, you place the rosemary sprigs in the middle and place the lamb on top (with the opening facing upwards) and rub salt and pepper. Then you pour the remaining butter and cover with parchment paper and cook at 180 degrees for approximately 1 hour
  9. Remove the parchment paper and add the potatos, which have been sliced into round shapes and seasoned with salf and pepper; You then pour lemon juice and butter and cook the entire dish for 30-40 minutes
  10. Remove from the oven and and allow to cool off before serving, cut into thin slices with a very sharp knife