Pork with celery
Pork with celery


1 kilo of pork, in portions 1 ½ kilo of celery 2-3 chopped fresh onions 1 chopped dry onion Horio organic extra virgin olive oil Salt Pepper

INGREDIENTS For the egg and lemon mixture

1 egg Lemon juice from 2 lemons 4-5 tblsp meat broth


  1. Wash celery and slice each one into three pieces. Boil over low heat in its own juices, without adding water. When celery is soft, strain it.
  2. Sautee the onions (both the fresh and dry) in olive oil and add the meat when they are transparent.
  3. When the meat has a golden-brown color, add celery, water, salt and pepper to the meat and boil for another 40 minutes, until sauce disappears and a little bit of broth is all that’s left.
  4. Prepare the egg and lemon mixture.
  5. Beat the egg white with a fork, until it becomes a meringue. Add the yolk and continue beating. Slowly add the broth and egg and lemon mixture in the pot, stir the pot and leave it to cool off for a while before serving.