Spiral Cheese Pie
If you have Horio feta cheese, anthotyro and fyllo dough sheets, then you have these perfect spiral cheese pies.
Spiral Cheese Pie


450 gr. Horio Feta Cheese 250 gr. Anthotyro 2 eggs 100-120 γρ. Horio Soft Organic Margarine with Extra Virgin Olive Oil ½ tsp pepper 10 fyllo dough sheets (one pack) Sesame for sprinkling


  1. Crumble feta by hand into a bowl and add anthotyro, eggs and pepper; Mix all ingredients well with a fork and separate into 5 portions.
  2. On low heat melt the Horio Soft Organic Margarine with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Lay out one of the fyllo dough sheets and spread butter using a brush, while the remaining sheets are covered by a towel so as to remain moist
  3. Place a second sheet of fyllo dough ontop of the first one and place one of the five portions of cheese mix. Place the filling lengthwise and carefully roll lengthwise, while spreading some butter.
  4. Then, take the rolled fyllo dough and shape into a snail-like shape and place on a buttered oven pan. Repeat the process with the remaining four cheese filling portions.
  5. After all five cheese pies are placed on the pan, lightly butter and sprinkle with water and sesame.
  6. Bake in a preheated over at 175 degrees Celcius for 45-50 minutes (depending on the oven) until they are golden brown.