Sustainable Development


We must meet the needs of our own, as well as those of our children

Horio Sustainable is the proof that accountability and responsibility can become reality by enclosing olive oil in a bottle. A superior extra virgin olive oil began production in November 2011 and is the first step in a series of products and actions that are to follow in the coming years, in order to strengthen the sustainability of the Greek countryside and of the populations residing there.

The importance of sustainable development, on a global level, as well as, a Greek level, is enormous. Our natural resources are not inexhaustible and the communities whose livelihoods depend on them need support in order to maintain our natural resources’ viability, by producing products that respect the environment, or environmentally-friendly. Horio Sustainable invests in sustainable production and development in order to produce products that give life to us and the environment.

The Greek word for sustainabilty is «ΑΕΙΦΟΡΟΣ» (pronounced: a-é-foros) which is a combination of two synthetic words, “aei,” which means “forever” and “foreos,” which means “carrier.” So, sustainable development inherently captures the carrying-on of life and the preservation of our natural resources and is a modern alternative to development; one that is planned and implemented by taking into account environmental protection and sustainability. The aim is to gain the maximum amount of goods from the environment, without compromising the natural productions of those goods, in adequate amounts, in the future and for the future generations.

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