Horio Sustainable collaborates with the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICH)


Horio Sustainable is collaborating with specific groups of farmers who are involved in sustainable farming. Also, in collaboration with and under the supervision of MAICH and the Institute of Subtropical Plants and Olive Trees, Horio Sustainable is committed to support and reward Good Agricultural Practices designed for Sustainable Development. More specifically, a new Standard is under development that includes everything from the integrated management of olive orchards and their crops to the production and bottling of olive oil.

According to this new Standard, Good Agricultural Practices are followed and applied (meaning, the specifications, directions and procedures), so as to provide documentation for the entire process of producing certified and traceable olive oil (from harvest to bottling). The Standard has been applied experimentally in pilot olive groves, focusing on four main environmental aspects related to the sustainability of olive production and the environmental impact of olive tree farming.


These aspects are:

At Minerva and Horio, we truly believe in sustainability and Horio Sustainable is a first step in this critical effort that will be further strengthened in the near future.

Learn more about MAICH and Horio by Minerva’s collaboration at http://www.maich.gr.